Thursday, 25 July 2013

The power of nonproductive time. The reason why you are not successful?

Everyone knows what is productive time! Here, I am not talking about any company or organization. I am exclusively discussing about the productive and nonproductive time of an individual person. As I have already explained, every individual has only 24 hours a day and also explained time is money. The financial status of every successful person is completely decided by how they use the nonproductive time effectively (Refer to Time is Money! Time Management is the key!).

Basically, an individual spends 8 hours for work, another 8 hour to sleep and spends remaining 8 hours unproductive or non productive.

Let us have a look at our activities in our nonproductive time in our day today life:

- Watching TV.
- Reading news paper.
- Going out with your friends.
- Going for Cinemas.
- Playing.

Here, I have few question for you:

- All the above activities are making you to spend money or earn money?
- Take any successful people like Ambani, Sachin or any film actors, are they doing the above activities?

If you are spending money, you can do the same activities in different ways and start earning money.

The above activities are done only during the nonproductive time. These activities never disturbs your regular job or business or studies. Just think, investing 8 hours a day in your job is giving you a primary income. On the other hand, same 8 hours is being spent nonproductive. The actual potential of your time is 16 hours a day.

Why should not we use the nonproductive time effectively to create a secondary source of income? All it needs is a concrete idea of what we are going to do, few changes in our daily activity with discipline. This must be consistent and persistent. Once it is implemented, you can see income flowing from multiple sources.

Compare yourself with one of the successful person. Let us take Sachin Tendulkar as an example. His primary source of income is playing cricket. However, he is doing the following in his spare time or free time:

- Owning restaurants.
- Endorsing products.
- Appearing in TV commercials and appears as guest speakers.

The reason for Sachin to get other source of income is his primary source of income cricket is not permanent in nature. It has a limitation like he can play only if he is he is healthy or till 40 or 45 years. When such a person who is having multiple source of income. Then, it is must for you and me to have multiple source of income.

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